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Horizon™ for Plan Sponsors

Providing your plan participants access to the Compass Investors Horizon™ service may be one of the most valuable benefits you can offer them. Horizon's Adaptive Asset Allocation™ strategy will help them manage their retirement plans in a way that is cost effective for you, and simple for your employees.

Horizon provides the analysis and the tools that allow your plan participant to make better-informed reallocation decisions.

Productive employees have their minds on task. Providing them with a successful investment strategy for their retirement investments removes one major source of concern and distraction from what they need to do for you on a daily basis—especially as government programs (pensions, Social Security, Medicare) become less and less certain as fallbacks.

The Horizon service is designed specifically for individuals who are not investment professionals. Every five weeks, Horizon subscribers receive an Action Report with instructions on how to consider reallocating their investments. Our customer surveys indicate that with the plan's existing support systems, reallocations can be made in an average of ten minutes.

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