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Subscribers are so pleased with the HORIZONTM service that they often send us unsolicited comments and even agreed to answer questions about their experience with anyone who asks. To take advantage of this unusual and generous offer, click on their email address and interview our clients personally! We're excited to share their perspective and want to count you as one of our many success stories as well. You will find that we want you comfortable and fully informed at all times and always work hard to make that happen.

"I love Compass! Thank you for all the work you guys do."
Haji Aref ([email protected])
"For me, Horizon is the perfect solution. I am not sure I would have been able to weather the financial 2008 crisis if I had to do it myself. I feel the direction I receive from you is completely sound. Thank you, and keep up the great work!"
Doreen L. Noble ([email protected])
"I believe your service to be life changing. I've enjoyed a jaw-dropping approximate increase in 401K performance of 76.4% in twenty-eight months. I have paid substantially more to financial planners than to Compass Investors and realized lack luster performance. Horizon's performance is outstanding and positioning me to achieve a secure retirement. "
Peg Beavers ([email protected]) Retired Company Employee
"I have been taking RMD's for five years and my current account balance is larger than when I started the first RMD. That is what I would call "performance"!
James Boyd ([email protected])
"For more than ten years, I've relied on Compass Investors to give me superior performance in my self-managed retirement plan at the university. When my wife had the opportunity to roll over her 401(k) when she changed jobs, we signed up for her as well, and now she's doing even better than I am."
Tim Scherman ([email protected])
"Under the guidance of the Compass Investors team, I feel like my 401k is protected in declining markets and maximized in rising markets."
Sarah Gibson ([email protected])
"I've used Compass Investors for many years. I don't have the time to focus on managing my own investments, and I find the service has been great at minimizing my losses when the market is declining by quickly getting me into less risky investments, and quickly getting me back into growth investments when the market turns up."
Robert Kress ([email protected])
"Horizon makes the whole 401K update process very easy for me. And I need easy these days. They send reminders, too! And if I ever have any questions, I email and they respond very quickly. I've been partnering with them since 2004 and they have far exceeded my wildest retirement dreams!"
Kim Sleezer ([email protected])
"As a busy executive with not much time – or the detailed knowledge of investing – I love having a very low-cost service that provides excellent investing advice on a regular basis. I'm taking care of my financial future without the stress and hassle! I value the service so much that I am using it for my non-401(k) investments, as well."
Sandra (Sandi) Lieb-Geiger ([email protected])
"Your company is fantastic - I've turned on a number of my friends to it. Thanks again for your advice and for the phenomenal work your company does!."
Heather Epright ([email protected])
"After signing up with Compass Investors I've seen my portfolio grow steadily and outperform the market. I'm extremely pleased with Compass Investors strategy and the results prove their strategy works!!!"
Robert Marrero ([email protected])
"I've had several interactions with the Compass team over the years. Their service is top-notch--they quickly answered my questions, gave me ideas, and resolved any issues. I also appreciate the flat rate price model that they use. It is very affordable and an amazing value--unique in the marketplace. Highly recommended."
Michael Fross ([email protected])
"As a long-time subscriber - it is during the down markets that I really need help. Anybody can do well in the up markets - but I believe I have lost less money than others during those down turns with the help of Compass."
Randy Russell ([email protected])
"This service has greatly simplified my life in managing my 401K plan with excellent results. The time commitment to manage my 401K portfolio is less than 5 minutes each month. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this service to other colleagues. The cost is negligible compared to the net gains. I have an obligation to my family to manage my 401(k) retirement portfolio prudently. A big thanks to Horizon management for helping me achieve this goal so successfully."
Viney Kaushal ([email protected])
"Prior to subscribing to the Horizon services my 401K investment strategy was to pick 2 funds that appeared to be doing well and "felt right" and then to stick with them for several years. Then Compass Investors taught me the importance of more diversification and frequent rebalancing to reduce risk and increase returns. Now after utilizing the Horizon recommendations, my return in just 27 months is 42% pure profit (excluding plan growth due to contributions and excluding fees). I am very pleased. Compass Investors is helping me stay on an investment path for an ongoing secure retirement."
Margaret Young ([email protected])
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