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Benefits of Horizon™for Plan Sponsors

Reduction of Fiduciary Liability. By offering their workforce a choice in investing strategies, a plan sponsor can shift more of the decision making to the participant.

More Satisfied Employees. Participants who are offered the much-needed active investment alternative and begin to see their plan balances grow will be more focused on their jobs and less on their retirements.

Increased Plan Participation and Contributions. An effective way for the plan sponsor to ensure continuing and increased participant enrollment and contributions in their retirement plan is to provide participants with the confidence that comes from taking control of their retirement future.

Seamless Integration. Horizon™ can be incorporated seamlessly with any TPA. There is no change necessary in the current plan offering.

No Cost. The plan sponsor may optionally decide to subsidize a part of the subscription fee. Otherwise, the Horizon™ service is a fixed-fee subscription service that is paid for directly and entirely by the participant subscriber.

Reduced Pressure on Pension and Government Programs. As defined contribution plan participation and contribution levels grow, along with individual plan balances, participants will begin to see that Retirement Income Security may be achievable using primarily their retirement plan assets.

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