Enhanced Gains. Aligning your investment portfolio with the current market conditions during UP markets allows you to take appropriate steps to maximize the growth potential and increase your underlying capital for as long as the up market may last.

Reduced Loss. Aligning your investment portfolio with the current market conditions during DOWN markets allows you to identify losses and take appropriate steps to preserve your underlying capital for as long as the down market may last.

Greater Portfolio Value. The pattern of repeatedly achieving higher gains in up markets and reducing loss in down markets results in exponentially better returns over any medium or long-term period.

Reduced Risk. It is far better to be invested in funds that are best aligned with current market conditions than to follow a passive approach that exposes you to far greater risks of loss of principle and missed opportunities for gain.

Increased Confidence. The Horizon methodology promotes enhanced involvement and understanding of the critical importance of your retirement plan and puts you "in the driver's seat" to achieve Retirement Income Security.

Unbiased Research. Compass Investors is an entirely independent company. We do not sell investment vehicles (stocks, mutual funds, annuities, etc.), are not associated with any investment provider, and do not receive any form of compensation from any investment provider.

Objective Analysis. Making investment decisions based on emotion is a primary reason why most people cannot be successful investors. The research provided in each Horizon Action Report is the output of the Horizon computer model. The computer model is always applied the same way thereby completely removing emotion from the decision-making process.

Extraordinary Customer Satisfaction. The results of our most recent Customer Satisfaction Survey (January 2009) showed that:

Ease of Use. Each Action Report newsletter conclusively and simply presents the most current fund research. Our Reallocation Process document clearly outlines the four simple steps to implement any desired reallocations using their existing benefits interface system. Our experience shows that the vast majority of our subscribers can interpret the research they receive and use the provided process and tools to make their reallocations without the need for further assistance.

Affordability. Our analysis and reallocation process tool come at an extremely affordable price. Horizon is a fixed-fee subscription service that, unlike other services, does not reduce your retirement plan balance, thereby keeping all your money working for you at all times. Because Horizon fees are paid directly, those fees are tax deductible.

Confidentiality. We respect the privacy of all our subscribers. You do not have to divulge any personal financial data or demographic information. The only information needed from a subscriber is contact information. Our billing is provided by a third party, so no sensitive payment information is collected by Compass Investors.

Our Guarantees. You can try Horizon service for 60 days without obligation. Furthermore, Horizon is the only financial service of its kind that comes with a lifetime Subscription Refund Guarantee. There are no long-term contracts, and you may cancel at any time if you are not 100% satisfied.