Adaptive Asset Allocation

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It's Time for Something Different.

If you are disappointed with the results of the traditional “few eggs in every basket,” pie-chart style of investing, then you’ve come to the right place.

Since 1997, Compass Investors' HORIZON™ self-managed investment service—using an “adaptive” versus “formulaic” asset allocation approach—has been helping subscribers achieve returns superior to any traditional strategy (e.g., Balanced, Life-Cycle, Target Date funds). Learn how we differ.

Below is just a small sample of companies where we are trusted by employees managing their 401(k) plans with HORIZON™.

  • Coca-Cola™
  • Microsoft™
  • Accenture™
  • IBM™
  • Boeing™
  • Bank of America™
  • Ernst & Young™
  • Merck™

Our customized Action Reports, sent to subscribers every five weeks, ensure safe, steady growth for your 401(k), IRA and non-retirement brokerage accounts by pointing you towards the best-positioned investment choices—no matter what the market is doing. See how it works.

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Adaptive Asset Allocation
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  • Adaptive Asset Allocation Does the Savings Burden Have to Be So Heavy?July 10, 2018 We all know what happens: lots of us don’t think about saving for retirement until our 30s or 40s—when it’s almost too late to succeed. In a recent and already well-circulated blog, investment advisor Robert C. Lawton addresses this problem of “back-loaded” retirement savings with some simple advice: from the start, he argues, we all ought to put away at least 20% of our savings...

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Adaptive Asset Allocation


Average annual investment return nearly 12% since 1997.

The nearly two decade history of HORIZON's performance demonstrates account balances nearly 2 times higher over the long-term than the best professionally-managed asset allocation fund such as Balanced, Target Date and Life-Cycle funds.

Adaptive Asset Allocation


Invest in funds going UP and stay out of those going DOWN.

It is far better to be invested in funds that are well-aligned with current market conditions than to follow a passive approach that increases your exposure to risks such as loss of principle or missed opportunities for gain.

Adaptive Asset Allocation


We stand behind our service with an unprecedented Subscription Refund Guarantee directly tied to our performance.

In addition, our low, tax-deductible fees are fixed—we do not charge based on your account size—and they are guaranteed for life—your yearly cost will never increase. Our pricing structure, coupled with our superior results, make the value of our program far greater than any other alternative.


Adaptive Asset Allocation


Increased assurance that you are making the best decisions.

No matter the market's general direction, Compass Investors' independent research and objective analysis helps you to make the right decisions at the right time. In addition, our proven track record and outstanding customer loyalty give you the confidence that you are making better-informed choices.


Adaptive Asset Allocation


Precise directions customized to your funds, saving you time.

We provide portfolio analysis tailored to your own available investment choices and specific instructions to help you precisely manage your accounts.


Adaptive Asset Allocation


You are always in charge.

The actual investment decisions are yours to make—YOU always have the final say. In addition, we do not ask for any of your confidential financial information.

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Adaptive Asset Allocation

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"I believe I found the investment "holy grail." For me that meant finding a service that (a) was based on solid economic theory, (b) did not try to predict the future, (c) had a proven track record, (d) offered the promise of minimizing the impact of protracted downturns in stocks or other asset classes, and (e) charged a reasonable fee. What more could one possibly want from an investment approach?!"

Sheldon Hochberg (

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