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The chart above shows the blended results of applying Horizon to all our supported employer-sponsored plans, mutual fund families and brokerage firms over the past 17+ years.

Click here to see detailed performance history for each of our supported plans.

The performance of an initial $100,000 investment back-tested with Horizon is compared to that same amount invested in a money market fund, the S&P 500 Index (including dividends), and the best and worst performing Fidelity Freedom funds (as proxies for the performance range of a formulaic asset allocation investment approach). NOTE: Click on the chart to enlarge.

* Our objective process and calculation of results were independently reviewed by Ashland Partners and Company, LLP in 2006. The Horizon computer model has remained unchanged and the results for the period shown are simulated. Actual performance may be higher or lower. Please contact us for a full copy of the Ashland report.

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