To: HORIZON Subscribers
From: Compass Investors
Re: HORIZON 2013 Subscriber Survey: RESULTS

What follows is a summary of results and brief analysis of Compass Investors' 2013 survey of customer satisfaction, distributed in November 2013. We promised this summary of our Survey Results some weeks ago, but our Directors were unanimous in deciding not to issue this report to subscribers until we had determined what specific actions we were prepared to make in response to your input.

The most frequent suggestion we received was that we should make HORIZON available for purposes other than managing employer retirement plans.

Clearly, we have not done our job to communicate to the majority of our subscribers that the HORIZON service can be used for ANY mutual fund investment portfolio outside of your employer plan. In fact, nearly 20% of HORIZON subscribers now subscribe to at least one HORIZON plan in addition to their employer plan.

And given the burgeoning market for exchange traded funds (ETF), we've been busy researching the feasibility of offering a suite of HORIZON ETF plans. After a careful analysis, the decision was made to go forward with this initiative, and we've been working over the past number of weeks to construct these plans along with documentation to make them as easy to use as our mutual fund plans.

The most frequent suggestion we received from you was that we should make HORIZON available for purposes other than managing employer retirement plans.

As a result, by the end of March, Compass will offer plans for every brokerage firm that now offers commission-free collections of ETFs-Fidelity, Vanguard, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and E*TRADE.

Stay tuned for our official roll-out later this month of our expanded HORIZON offering, allowing subscribers even more opportunities to benefit from our markedly superior performance inside AND outside of their employer retirement plans. As an added bonus, remember that additional HORIZON subscriptions are available to current subscribers at a 50% discount for 3 years-a $900 savings.

More Action in Response to your Feedback:

  1. We have added "Quick Reference" guides to some of our plans. These are intended to be a refresher for those already familiar with the Reallocation Process Document. We have also added videos to show how the Reallocation Worksheet can be used in some of the more complex cases.
  2. This month, we will extend our money-back trial period from 60 to 120 days to ensure new subscribers have more time to get comfortable with our Reallocation Process before the trial period expires.


  1. RESPONSE RATE. Our response rate for 2013 was 14%. While we would ideally like to hear from every subscriber, roughly half our active plans were represented, and in those plans, more than 80% of all subscribers. The rate of representation can be considered statistically significant in this regard. The rate of respondents with three years or more experience with HORIZON (63%) is representative of our subscriber population as well.
  2. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our goal is to achieve an 80% or better rate of positive responses (i.e., "agree" or "strongly agree") for each area. Currently, our rates of positive response vary from the low 80% to the mid-nineties, with 85% overall agreeing that HORIZON is "easy to use;" 84% reporting they are able to execute their reallocations in 10 minutes or less; 85% finding HORIZON superior to other alternatives; and 91% being ready to or already having recommended HORIZON to a colleague, friend or relative. Eighty-six percent of respondents feel that the value of HORIZON is worth the price. Click here for more details about each survey question.
  3. WHAT'S WORKING. The three most popular features of HORIZON for our respondents this year were Performance (40% of all respondents), Ease of Use (27%) and an appreciation for the way HORIZON enables them to be active in their own retirement investment planning (12%). "Other" favorites were trusted advice, customer service, consistency of performance, and HORIZON's fixed fee.
  4. WHAT WE CAN IMPROVE. Suggestions for improvements were often geared to personal preferences and circumstances, in several cases beginning, "I don't know if anyone else would be interested, but I..." Some suggestions defeated the purpose of our service (e.g. requesting a report every week), while others admitted problems with office technology-printing the report, for example (which is prohibited by design and for purposes of copyright). Over a third of respondents (37%) took the time to indicate that they were happy with the way things are.


If you know someone you think would benefit from taking a more active role in managing their investments, why not let them know about our service and results? Click here to access a form where you can tell others about us or copy and paste the following URL into your browser's address bar "". Remember that for each new subscriber that mentions your name, you earn a $50 referral bonus.

Thank you again to those who took time to share their thoughts and comments.  But remember, if you have something on your mind, you don't have to wait to be "officially" surveyed.  Contact us any time!

Kevin L. Coppola
President, Compass Investors, LLC

HORIZON Survey Results