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Our straightforward Action Report identifies
the best-positioned funds and our easy-to-use tools turn
buying and selling your investments into a simple task.


Every 5 weeks Compass Investors will email you the HORIZONTM Action Report covering the mutual fund or ETF choices available in your employer's 401(k) plan or from any other selected provider. The Action Report prompts your review and, if necessary, a reallocation of your funds, empowering you to take active control over your account.
YOU are always in control of your investment choices. Once you receive each Action Report, follow the instructions provided in the Reallocation Process Document along with the fund analysis in the Action Report to adjust your account as you choose using your employer's benefit or other chosen provider's website. Once you become familiar with it, the account reallocation process typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

A Sample Action Report

A sample Action Report

Each Action Report Includes:

[1] Your Investment Choices. The list will include the investment options in your employer's 401(k) plan. For non-employer plans, the list will consist of funds that are selected and assembled by Compass Investors into a well-balanced and diversified collection.
[2] The Score. A relative performance measurement for each choice compared to all the other choices. Positive values indicate growth while negative values indicate decline. Click to go "Behind the Scenes" and see how HORIZONTM determines the Score.
[3] HORIZONTM Model Portfolio Allocation. The percentage of a total portfolio to invest in each choice based on the Score. Click to go "Behind the Scenes" and see how HORIZON determines the Model Portfolio Allocation,
[4] Asset Class. The asset class assigned to that investment choice. If the asset class for the investment choice is currently "favored" then this row will be highlighted. Click to go "Behind the Scenes" and see how HORIZON determines the favored asset class,


Click to see a real-life example of how HORIZONTM adapts to changing conditions.

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Client Testimonials

What could be easier? The Horizon service tells you exactly the combination of funds as well as how much to allocate to each fund.
It only takes me five minutes each month to go through the process.

Dave Aki ([email protected])

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