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An example of how our Adaptive Asset AllocationTM
modifies a portfolio in response
to actual market conditions.


Funds and their corresponding investment asset class (i.e., stocks, bonds) naturally rotate in and out of favor. Rarely does one asset class hold the the top spot for more than a year. See an example.

Using mathematical formulae to identify funds that are best-positioned for the short-term (i.e. 3-6 months), the HORIZONTM computer model helps subscribers capitalize on these very normal market fluctuations, and gives them the confidence to avoid the emotional responses that cause many investors to miss important longer-term trends.

The diagram below shows 3 actual HORIZONTM Action Reports for the same collection of funds for 3 different time periods.

[A] July 2008. Not quite halfway into the 2008 financial crisis and several months before Lehman Brothers went out of business, our HORIZONTM model moved subscribers completely out of the stock market, thereby avoiding the massive losses that ensued throughout the remainder of that year.

[B] August 2009. While our economy was still in shambles and most investors remained paralyzed by the losses of 2008, the HORIZONTM model identified the start of a market recovery, moved portfolios back into stock mutual funds allowing subscribers to fully participate in the recovery that ensued.

[C] April 2013. While the news was wrought with predictions of "fiscal cliffs" and "sequestration," HORIZONTM focused on the reality that the stock market was not going down, remained 100% invested in the stock market, and helped subscribers participate in one of the strongest bull markets in US history.

That is EXACTLY what HORIZONTM will do for you.

Adaptive Asset Allocation

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The service is straight forward, uncomplicated and very structured.
From my view point the price value of the service is outstanding.

Robert J. Porter ([email protected])

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