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Using millions of mathematical calculations, our
HORIZONTM computer model follows a 5-step analysis
process to identify the best-positioned funds.


Each Action Report period, the HORIZONTM computer model completes the follows.

  1. The performance history for each investment choice is first divided into multiple time slices.
  2. Next, the performance direction (up or down), degree (magnitude of movement) and the duration (elapsed time) in each time slice are evaluated (i.e., HORIZONTM 3D-AnalysisTM ).

  3. A weighting is then applied to each time slice.
  4. The sum of each of the performance time slice weightings are added together to produce the HORIZONTM Score for the fund.
  5. A HORIZONTM Model Portfolio Allocation percentage amount is then determined for each choice based on the relative Scores of the other choices.

The number of time slices, the weighting algorithms and the portfolio allocation percentages are the results of five years of extensive study by the Compass Institute. Over 500,000 possible permutations were tested to develop the correct combination of factors that would provide the optimal results when applied to any well-balanced collection of fund choices.

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The service is straight forward, uncomplicated and very structured.
From my view point the price value of the service is outstanding.

Robert J. Porter ([email protected])

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