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Compass Investors was founded to help investors take control over their retirement future. We regularly publish blogs, videos, and more occasional, white-papers, to help our subscribers understand our method, and the basic principles of successful retirement investing.

Why HORIZONTM Beats the Competition

Click here for a graphic demonstration of the difference between HORIZONTM and other methods of retirement savings along with a great demonstration of HORIZONTM in action, coming out of the crises of 2008.

Our Video Series [Coming Soon]

Click here to join Cassandra Cummings, Stacey Tisdale and Angela Yee as they discuss some of the challenges of saving for retirement with a HORIZONTM subscriber and Compass Investors' founder, Kevin Coppola.

Meet our founder, Kevin Coppola, as he explains the basic principles of retirement investing, and how to avoid the basic missteps and misunderstandings that have created the "retirement crisis" in the United States.

"Compass POINTSTM" (our blog series)

We use our blog to remind our subscribers, prospects and other readers of key principles of retirement investing--the value of an objective strategy; what you can control and what you can't; what "risk" really is--even as the "squawk box" of economic news and debate washes over us day to day. Don't worry, we won't flood your mailbox. These come out once every 4-8 weeks.

For those with a few minutes to read, this white paper from 2012 explains our philosophy, method, and why our subscribers escaped most of the fallout from the Crash of 2008. Published on SSRN and in a shorter version for the journal of the Plan Sponsors Association of America entitled "Not Your Dad's Retirement Plan," this paper drew the interest of Jason Zweig at the Wall Street Journal, as he was researching subscription services like ours. After more than 9 hours of interviewing, Zweig gave us more column-inches than his original targets.

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