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Why We are Different

Our strategy helps you adapt your investment allocations to take advantage of any market, using periodic, objective analysis.

1) We start with the right questions.
"How old are you?" they ask. "How much are you willing to lose?"
Most financial advisors use these questions to build a pie chart showing how much you should be investing in stocks or bonds.
If only your age or your risk tolerance had anything to do with what the market is doing!
Our HORIZONTM algorithm provides an objective way to determine where you should invest, basing our calculations on what the market is actually doing.
2) We Advocate Regular Action.
While some finance experts will encourage you to "set it and forget it," we would ask why anyone losing money would want to keep losing money? In a Bear market, this can mean drifting farther from your goal every week, making it harder and harder to make your way back. Why not ACT--even if it means pulling our investments out of the market for a time?
Following the advice of Nobel-Prize Winning Economist William Sharpe, our HORIZONTM service provides our subscribers a fresh look at market conditions on a regular basis--every five weeks.
This regular, active approach--what we call Adaptive Asset Allocation--helps our subscribers lose less in Bear markets, and gain more in Bull markets.
CLICK HERE for an example of HORIZONTM in ACTION.
3) We work for you, and you only.
Lots of folks who help you invest your money have ties to the industry that influence their advice. At Compass Investors, we work only for our clients. Our algorithm's only allegiance is to the funds best positioned to do well over the next five weeks. We let the algorithm, and not "past experience," emotion, or some business relationship, inform the contents of our newsletter.
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Client Testimonials

"Their service is top-notch--they quickly answered my questions, gave me ideas, and resolved any issues.
It is very affordable and an amazing value--unique in the marketplace."

Michael Fross ([email protected])

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