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What Makes Horizon™ different?

What makes the Horizon™ service different is its Adaptive Asset Allocation™ strategy that allocates investments amongst trending funds frequently enough to capture gains and avoid losses that a formulaic approach does not allow.

Over a long period of time, these small, serial performance increases compound into profoundly better outcomes.

The Horizon™ service encourages participants always to have their retirement assets positioned to be market responsive regardless of their age.

This approach is designed to safely and consistently seek returns that are mathematically superior in any market and at any time. Therefore, our strategy removes the need to apply artificial age and risk dependencies in determining the best positioned investment holdings.

What are the pros and cons of following your methodology?


  • Plan value is protected from devastating losses during large market declines
  • Higher expected ending plan values due to superior average annual return enable the participant to realize the goal of Retirement Income Security.
  • Retirement plan holdings are always best positioned for growth or preservation aligned with recent market conditions resulting in less risk through attentiveness.
  • More satisfied workforce having been provided access to an adaptive vs. only formulaic asset allocation retirement investment alternatives.
  • Greater success leads to higher contribution rates and enrollments in your plan.
  • Increasing defined contribution plan balances reduces workforce dependency on pension plans and government programs such as Social Security.


  • Increased participant time commitment level needed to review the Horizon™ analysis, decide on and implement desired reallocations.
  • An inconsistent review and application of the Horizon™ analysis could lead to a participant being allocated contrary to current market conditions.

What independent review has been done to confirm the Horizon™ process?

Our objective process and calculation of results were independently reviewed by Ashland Partners & Company, LLP. Founded in 1992, Ashland offers compliance verification, consulting, and performance examination services for the investment management industry. Their engagement, concluded in 2006, was conducted in accordance with attestation practices generally accepted in the United States.

Please contact us for a full copy of the Ashland report.

Is Horizon™ a "Market Timing" strategy?

No. Market timing strategies have been proven repeatedly to be at best ineffective, and at worst, destructive.

Horizon™ is a market adaptive approach, which analyzes current realities and adjusts portfolio allocations accordingly.

We do NOT "speculate" on which way the market is going or when it might change direction. Horizon™ responds to the conditions at hand and suggests frequent reallocations that best position your portfolio to benefit from current market conditions.

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