At Compass Investors, we’ve spent decades helping clear up myths and fill in the educational gaps about investing. One such gap leaves off that the order in which you obtain your investing returns is critical.
The Sequence of Return Risk can be mitigated easily by doing everything possible to reduce the size of the inevitable down years.  For example, if you sat still in 2008 and watched your account decline 40-50%, you would have spent the next 10 years climbing out of that hole.  It's one thing to have to do this while you are still earning an income, but an entirely different world of hurt if you are depending on your savings for that income.  Our HORIZON™ subscribers lost on average only 14% in 2008 which allowed for much faster recovery of that loss and much less stress for those drawing down their savings.

Successful retirement savings doesn’t have to be that stressful
— and with Compass Investors research and guidance, it will not be.
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