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How long does it take to roll out Horizon?

Horizon™ can be rolled out to plan participants typically 2-4 weeks from the time the decision is made to offer the service and receipt of all required existing plan information.

Roll out steps include

  • Confirmation of plan's mutual funds and trading restrictions, if any
  • Development of the Reallocation Worksheet
  • Development of Reallocation Process instructions
  • Scheduling of rollout activities, such as onsite seminars, webinars, and email campaigns

Are any changes required to our current benefits program or existing retirement plan?

No. The Horizon™ service provides your participants with analysis of their existing mutual fund choices within your existing plan.

In addition, it is additive to any benefits package you may have or will offer.

It is completely transparent and requires no time, money or effort on the part of the sponsor.

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