You become eligible for the Subscription Refund Guarantee once you have passed your 5th anniversary of first becoming a subscriber to the HORIZON™ service. Upon becoming eligible, you can easily determine if the Subscription Refund Guarantee applies to you as follows:

  1. From our Home page, click the Our Plans tab.
  2. From the Our Plans page, click the "Access an individual plan's performance chart by starting year" link.
  3. From the Performance Comparison page, select the plan/fund family you wish to check from the drop-down list and then click the Select button.
  4. From the Plan Performance details page, scroll down until you see several buttons each labeled with a year (1997, 1998, etc).
  5. Click the year button that corresponds to the year you first subscribed to our service.

Once eligible, if the HORIZON™ performance line is below both of the Guarantee benchmark performance lines shown (labeled "Benchmark #1" and "Benchmark #2" in the example below), upon cancellation of your subscription, you are entitled to a refund of the prior year's subscription fees.

EXAMPLE: A subscriber first subscribed in September, 2004. Therefore, they became eligible for the Subscription Refund Guarantee in January, 2009. Now, if the dark blue HORIZON™ performance was below both of the indicated Guarantee lines, then the subscriber may cancel their subscription and receive a full refund of their prior year's subscription fee.