Calculate YOUR suggested minimum account size

While we suggest you invest in each fund included in the HORIZON™ Model Portfolio each Action Report period, we realize that that may not always be possible due to fund minimum purchase rules. However, we suggest that you use HORIZON™ to manage an account that is large enough to allow you to invest in any fund with a Model Portfolio percent allocation of 8% or more.

To calculate YOUR suggested minimum account size, divide the fund minimum purchase requirement by 8%. For example, if your fund company has a minimum purchase requirement of $2,000 per fund, your suggested minimum account size would be $2,000 divided by 8%, or $25,000. 

That being said, any account whose size is greater than the minimum fund purchase requirement will still be optimized because HORIZON™ will help you focus whatever money you have into the best-positioned fund(s) you are allowed to buy. Are you wondering what the "ideal" portfolio size for an account with a $2,000 minimum purchase requirement would be? To be able to invest in every fund included in the HORIZON™ Model Portfolio divide $2,000 by 1%, which equals $200,000.