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Subscriptions & Guarantees FAQs

How much does Horizon™ cost?

Two Subscription Programs

  • If your plan's balance is GREATER than $10,000 when you subscribe, the service costs $600 per year billed annually. Semiannual, quarterly and monthly payment options are available.
  • If you have a plan balance of LESS than $10,000, you can subscribe to our Jump Start™ program offering you the service for just $300 per year for your first THREE years (or $360 per year on the monthly or quarterly plan)—a savings of up to $1,080!

According to our most recent Customer Satisfaction survey, 97% of our subscribers reported that they feel that the Horizon™ service is "well worth the fees paid."

Can I subscribe without using PayPal?

Compass Investors accepts credit cards, checks and money orders for subscription payments.

Please note that while we do require 1-year of payment in advance when paying directly by mail or with a credit card, your subscription is covered by our Subscription Refund Guarantee throughout the subscription period. And you may cancel at any time after your 60-day trial period and receive a prorated bi-yearly refund.

If your plan balance is GREATER than $10,000...Click to access the mail order form.

If you are just starting your plan, your plan balance is LESS than $10,000, or you or a member of your household are already a subscriber...Click to access the Jump Start mail order form.

Fill out the form completely, print and mail it along with your check or money order made payable to Compass Investors, LLC to the address listed at the top of the form

1. If you are sending a personal check, your subscription will start once your check clears our bank (2-3 days after receipt).

2. For fastest processing, please let us know via email once you have mailed your check.

3. If you are a former subscriber, you will use your previous User Name and Password to access the members-only website.

4. Check subscriptions are not automatically renewed. You must remember to mail us a check (or enroll electronically using PayPal) each year. You will be reminded to mail in your payment when you sign on to your account within 30 days of expiration. We suggest that you put an annually recurring item on your calendar to remind you to send yours payment so that you do not miss any Action Reports.

5. Subscription rates for check or money order subscription renewals are based on the current subscription rate in effect at the time of renewal and are subject to change.

What are the advantages of a subscription service?

Besides the obvious advantage of significant improvement in your investment results that you will get with Horizon™, you should consider several other advantages.

1. Your fees will NEVER GO UP. When you subscribe with PayPal, we guarantee that what you pay per year when you first subscribe will be the same as what you pay every year, for as long as you remain a subscriber.

2. You pay a FIXED-FEE. The price you pay is NOT dependent on your account size. We do not believe you should be penalized simply because you happen to have a large account balance.

3. Your fees DO NOT REDUCE your portfolio value. Since you pay for our service from non-retirement assets, your entire retirement plan balance remains intact at all times. The result is a significantly higher overall value.

4. Your fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. If you itemize deductions on your tax return, our fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, further reducing the net cost to you.

5. We offer a lifetime SUBSCRIPTION REFUND GUARANTEE. Unlike any other financial planner or company, we put our financial well-being on the line every day by guaranteeing our subscribers that we will out-perform a formulaic asset allocation strategy. We know of no other financial services organization that is willing to refund any of their fees if their results do not outpace their performance benchmarks.

How does Horizon™ compare to "free" financial planners/companies?

While you are not directly charged, rest assured your financial planner and/or mutual fund company are making money by "managing" your account, typically through subtractions from your portfolio that are not immediately obvious.

You have to compare the RESULTS to determine how much you may be paying for that "free" advice. If you are satisfied with the results, and have already achieved Retirement Income Security, then you may not need us.

However, if you would rather be delighted with your investment performance, then subscribe to Horizon™. Our service comes with a 60-day risk-free trial and comes with an industry-first Subscription Refund Guarantee.

How do your guarantees work?

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We invite you to evaluate the service, study our archives of past Model Portfolio allocations and go through our easy-to-follow Reallocation Process to see for yourself just how straight-forward it really is.

If you are not 100% satisfied, you may cancel for any reason within the first 60 days for a no-questions asked refund (less a small $10 processing fee).

Subscription Refund Guarantee

Compass Investors provides its subscribers with an unprecedented Subscription Refund Guarantee directly tied to our performance. Click for details.

No other investment analysis service, financial planner or mutual fund company we know of offers any service fee refund guarantees.

To learn more about this and to see an example of how to check if you are eligible for the Subscription Refund Guarantee click here.

Can I use Horizon™ if my company or mutual fund group is not listed?

If your company's retirement plan or mutual fund company is not currently supported by Compass Investors, there are two options you have to get started:

1. We are constantly investigating new company plans and mutual fund companies to add to our Horizon service offering.  Please contact us to inquire how your company's plan or mutual fund company might become the focus of our next offering and how you might be able to assist in helping us to offer the service to your employer.

2. If your employer plan offers a Brokerage Window, you may be able to use any of our current offerings to enhance your plan's performance. Again, please contact us to inquire how to get started with this option.

How soon after I subscribe will I receive my first Horizon™ Action Report?

A new Horizon™ Action Report is published every five weeks.

Depending on where in the publishing cycle you signed-up, you should receive notification of your first Action Report no later than five weeks from the time your subscribe.

We will send you an email immediately after each new Action Report is posted to the web site.

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