Compass Investors pioneered the fixed-fee approach and more are finally starting to come on board. Once again, going above and beyond, we reward our subscribers' loyalty by guaranteeing the same fees FOR LIFE. For subscribers just starting out (with balances under $10,000), our “JumpStart” program asks $300 for the first three years and then converts to a regular subscription of $600 per year, which will never increase. By the time subscribers attain a 401(k) or IRA balance of $100,000, our fee amounts to a fraction of what they would pay to an investment manager.

Remember, even what Arielle O’Shea calls “Robo-advisors” charge roughly 0.3% on money under management, and none we are aware of have the ten-year average annualized return of Compass’ 11.7%.

Recalling the blog example of Larry and Lorraine again, let’s suppose Lorraine has subscribed to HORIZON at age 35, paying just $600 per year in fees, while Larry’s “sweater guy” is still charging him 1%. Comparing the industry average return of a generous 8% for the "sweater guy" with Compass Investors' 11.7%, Lorraine's HORIZON account will have outpaced Larry's by nearly $3,000,000 by retirement. This kind of difference is what we call Retirement Income Security!

Click here for a complete list of employers and brokerage firms covered. If you do not see your employer listed, please contact us for more information and next steps.

If an active 401(k) investing approach such as HORIZON™ is not yet available at your company, please contact us to learn how to incorporate such an alternative into your overall retirement saving strategy.