What Compass Investors offers is exactly what is needed in the storm of uncertainty—objective analysis. Our mathematical algorithm and systematic portfolio review methodology does not change. Subscribers to our HORIZON™ service get the benefit of a consistently-applied reallocation cycle that allows them to periodically adjust to market movement in a calm and calculated manner versus responding to every CNN Breaking News report.

Major world events like Brexit can lead anyone to find themselves nervous about their investments and next-steps. However, our active approach allows you to properly stay attuned to actual market conditions. Thus, our strategy—guided by objective, regular analysis activated on a strict periodic basis—helps you avoid the wasted volumes of time wasted worrying about the daily gyrations of the markets, and focus instead on the more important longer term.

If an active 401(k) investing approach such as HORIZON™ is not yet available at your company, please contact us to learn how to incorporate such an alternative into your overall retirement saving strategy.