Scherman's advice—that the best response to volatility must be systematic—describes the kind of strategy Compass Investors has offered subscribers since our inception. And while we would rather see big gains every year, we would be remiss not to point out how our analysis has allowed subscribers to avoid most of the heavy losses equities have sustained late in 2015 and in the first few weeks of 2016.

If you haven't seen The Big Short, we think you should, since it reminds us all how important it is to pay regular attention to market conditions. Whatever its lessons, of course none of us wants to see an actual repeat of 2008, but we at Compass will always remember the crash as "1840," referring not to a historical year but to the fact that while our subscribers' accounts lost 18% in the precipitous downturn, those who waited for the bottom lost a full 40%, and took three times as long to return to profitability.

If an adaptive investing approach such as HORIZON™ is not yet available at your company, please contact us to learn how to incorporate such an alternative into your overall retirement saving strategy.