Despite the many advantages of a participant-directed 401(k) plan over a traditional pension program—higher potential plan balance, tax advantages, portability of accounts between employers, flexibility of retirement funding options, and reduced risk of corporate mismanagement—an overabundance of information has left many people in a situation where they just want someone else to handle all this for them.

But taking charge of your retirement plan is far easier than most people imagine—if you have the right help. Compass Investors analyzes each 401(k) investment option and provides specific guidance to help you adjust your holdings to changing markets. This disciplined steering of portfolio assets into investments that are going up and out of those that are going down has helped subscribers enjoy superior long-term gains and gain the confidence that they will be well-prepared for retirement.

The second cornerstone of our business—in addition to offering simple, specific guidance—is providing education on topics we feel have become far more complex than they need be. Having this basic knowledge will help workers greatly reduce their yearnings for a pension by overcoming their worries and doubts about retirement, and will allow them to concentrate more on their job and family.

We invite you to let Compass Investors help you take control of your future with a retirement strategy that will maximize the benefits of your 401(k) plan: objective guidance specifically tailored to your plan’s choices.

If the HORIZON™ service is not yet available at your company, or if there is someone you know who could benefit from consistent and effective investment analysis, contact us to investigate the possibilities.