In this blog post, we reviewed Mark Miller’s recent Reuters column about “Aging Worker Syndrome,” which demonstrated new data showing how employers faced with increasingly aging workers are becoming more interested in the actual performance of their employees' 401(k) plans. Obviously, the faster employees can achieve a sense of retirement security, the quicker employers can expect to get their most senior and expensive workers off the payroll. On the employee’s side, the faster one reaches retirement income security, the more control she or he has over the transition from working life to well-earned retirement years.

Compass’s advantage for both employer AND employee is hardly ever stated as clearly as it is in Miller’s article. We’ve always made the point that a modestly priced, easy-to-use, high-performing service like HORIZON™ increases both employee satisfaction AND productivity; if they’re working with Compass Investors, employees can stop worrying about their retirement investments and fully concentrate on the job at hand.

But if an aging workforce is now a more prominent concern for employers, as Miller’s article indicates, Compass Investors’ track record—which features a 13% average annual investment return since 1997 for all subscriber plans—may be something employers want to investigate more closely. If employees can start their “golden years” on time, and employers can help ensure themselves a younger, less expensive workforce, then that sounds like a win-win to us.

If the HORIZON™ service is not yet available at your company, or if there is someone you know who could benefit from consistent and effective investment analysis, contact us to investigate the possibilities.