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About Compass Investors and our Founder

Who are we?

The principle executive of Compass Investors is:

Kevin Coppola, the president and founder of Compass Investors is a former Accenture executive who spent twenty-one years focused on the application of leading edge technology to solve complex strategic business problems. After leaving Accenture, he developed and holds the copyright for HORIZONTM, a tool that is being used by employees of such companies as Accenture, PWC, Xerox, and Merck, etc.

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Our Mission and Investing Philosophy

"Guiding People Towards Financial Success With Low Risk."

Compass Investors' breakthrough services emerged as a result of years of extensive study and analysis conducted by our affiliated think tank, Compass Institute, LLC. Sophisticated filters evolved that sift, commingle and band weighted fundamental, technical and economic parameters to identify the currently best positioned investment opportunities. They allow us to provide a self-directed, comprehensive suite of proven investment services that can optimize your overall financial returns and is readily incorporated into your busy schedule. With an emphasis on low risk, we offer a clear financial advantage regardless of investing experience, time availability or account size.

Compass Investors is an entirely independent company. We are not financial advisors or planners. We do not sell investment vehicles (stocks, mutual funds, annuities, etc.) nor do we receive any form of compensation whatsoever from any investment vehicle we recommend. We are a fixed fee-based provider of investment analysis whose primary source of revenue comes from subscription fees.

The data provided by Compass Investors has a long history of satisfied subscribers who report drastically improved investing results.


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