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HORIZON™ Average
Plan Performance

Your Current 5-Year Benchmark Period Results

As of January 17, 2023, the HORIZON™ Model Portfolio for the Average HORIZON™ Plan has seen a 56.0% pure investment return (excludes plan growth due to contributions) over the past 72-months since the most recent rolling five-year benchmark performance period started on January 1, 2017.

Compass Investors urges subscribers not to focus on short-term results--whether up or down--as you should instead focus on the superior results that HORIZON™ provides over the long-term (see Market Cycle results that follow). HORIZON™ is the ONLY strategy that you can count on to produce increased gains in sustained up markets and protection of account value in severe down markets thereby always keeping you on the path towards having Retirement Income Security.

During the Market Cycle that began 01/01/1997, as of 01/17/23, an initial $100,000 starting investment guided by HORIZON™’s Adaptive Asset Allocation™ (AAA) strategy grew by $2,000,440 to $2,100,440, a growth of 2,000% (excluding any additional contributions). Please refer to the Service Disclaimer for additional information on the calculation of performance and the use of proxy and benchmark funds in the HORIZON™ Model Portfolio.

This compares to the growth, over that same period, of $100,000 invested in the following alternatives:

  • The best performing Formulaic Asset Allocation (FAA)** fund (Fidelity Freedom® 2020) grew by $366,806 -- HORIZON™’s growth was 445% higher.
  • The worst performing FAA fund (Fidelity Freedom® Income) grew by $195,049 -- HORIZON™’s growth was 926% higher.
  • The S&P 500 Index with dividends grew by $743,329 -- HORIZON™’s growth was 169% higher.
  • A Money Market investment grew by $61,527 -- HORIZON™’s growth was 3151% higher.

HORIZON™ Starting Year Results

Click on your HORIZON™ enrollment year to view your plan's benchmark results:

The path to Retirement Income Security requires a commitment to a long-term view. Saving for retirement is a marathon, not a sprint. Horizon™'s unique approach of identifying best positioned funds based on the current market conditions, combined with on-going periodic adjustments assures stability and conservation of portfolio value during down markets and acceleration of growth during up markets. Horizon™ significantly outperforms the best of the most commonly used and advocated investment strategies during all market periods.

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