Horizon™ for American Funds
Fund List (as of 09/01/23)
Fund Name Type/Asset Class
AMCAP Fund [02] Large Growth
American Balanced Fund [11] High Yield Bond
American Funds Global Balanced Fund [37] Global Allocation
American Funds Money Market Fund [59] Money Market
American Funds Mortgage Fund [42] Intermediate Government
American High-Income Trust [21] High Yield Bond
American Mutual Fund [03] Large Value
Capital Income Builder [12] Global Allocation
Capital World Bond Fund [31]
Global Bond
Capital World Growth and Income Fund [33] Global Large-Stock Blend
EuroPacific Growth Fund [16] Foreign Large Growth
Fundamental Investors [10] Large Blend
Intermediate Bond Fund of America [23] Short-Term Bond
International Growth and Income Fund [34] Foreign Large Blend
New Perspective Fund [07] Global Large-Stock Growth
New World Fund [36] Diversified Emerging Mkts
Short-Term Bond Fund of America [48] Short-Term Bond
SMALLCAP World Fund [35] Global Small/Mid Stock
The Bond Fund of America [08] Intermediate Core Bond
The Growth Fund of America [05] Large Growth
The Income Fund of America [06] Moderately Aggressive Allocation
The Investment Company of America [04] Large Blend
The New Economy Fund [14] Global Large-Stock Growth
U.S. Government Securities Fund [22] Intermediate Government
Washington Mutual Investors Fund [01] Large Blend