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Compass Investors HORIZON™ Estimated Returns Calculator

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Instructions for calculating and comparing your Plan's approximate true investment return (i.e., excluding contributions) against the S&P 500 Index since subscribing to Horizon™.  
Step 1. Sign-on to your account, click the Update Your Account button (in the upper left corner), scroll to the bottom of the page and find and note your Original Sign Up Date.  
Step 2. Open the current Action Report, locate the Subscription Refund Guarantee Comparison Chart, and click on the chart to open the corresponding Subscription Refund Guarantee Table.  
Step 3. In the Action Report Issue Date column, find the row with the date immediately after your Original Sign Up Date when you first started making allocations to your Retirement Plan using Horizon™.  
Step 4. Copy the column values from that row of the table into the Your First Action Report row in the table below. (Note 1)  
Step 5. Copy the column values from the last row of the table into into the Current Action Report row in the table below. (Note 1)  
Step 6. Your Estimated Return for each category are calculated and will appear below in blue.
(Note 2)
Note: Slight differences between your actual returns and the calculated Estimated Returns can be caused by:  
- Not making your reallocations on the date an Action Report was issued.    
- Not making any reallocations during one or more Action Reports periods.    
- A dramatic market fluctuation on the day an Action Report is issued.    
- Rounding reallocation percentages to the nearest 1% increment (Horizon™ provides 0.1% increments).  
- Making different or erroneous reallocations than what were recommended in an Action Report.    
  Enter the values from Steps 4 & 5 in the appropriate rows below.  
  Action Report Issue Date Horizon™ S&P 500 Index, etc.  
Your First Action Report: Press TAB after
EACH entry.
Current Action Report: Press TAB after
EACH entry.
Your Estimated Return (Note 2):  
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When saving for your retirement, it is critical to think in terms of your investment performance over Market Cycles (i.e., the long-term), not reporting periods (i.e., the short-term). There are 2 primary types of Market Cycles that you will see several times during your lifetime: (1) Up market—Down market—Up market, and (2) Down market—Up market.  
The best way to stay on the path towards having retirement income security is to utilize the strategy that can be counted on to produce the necessary results--maximum gains in Up markets and protection of Plan value in extended Down markets) over all Market Cycles--and then stick to it!  
The Horizon™ strategy, developed after 5-years of research at the Compass Institute think tank, has been proven to be the only strategy that will do this over all Market Cycles. All Horizon™ performance results have been independently audited.  
(1) The values listed in the Horizon™ Action Report Subscription Refund Guarantee Table represent what a $100,000 investment made on the first Action Report Issue Date listed would have grown to--without any further contributions--as of the Current Action Report date by following each of the strategies shown. These values are used to calculate the true investment returns for each strategy for any date range entered.  
(2) Your Estimated Return (the percentage difference between the values listed for the Current Action Report and Your First Action Report) represent your approximate true investment return (i.e., excluding additional contributions) since you started using Horizon™. To see how Horizon™ has performed against the current Subscription Refund Guarantee period please refer to the Subscription Refund Guarantee Comparison Chart in the current Action Report.

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